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We pay CASH! for your broken and unwanted jewellery, diamonds and silver!

We will match or beat any other written offer!**

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Most gold buyers pay the same price for gold, simply because they are going to melt it down. We purchase scrap, broken jewellery as well as good condition diamond or non-diamond jewellery for the purpose of re-sale. Simply put, gold and diamonds fit for re-sale are worth more than scrap. This allows us to offer a greater value for your jewellery compared to anyone who is buying it for meltdown value only. Check out our starting buy prices based on stock market pricing. (Most common karats shown) Our prices are based on live market value up to the minute when you sell your gold and remember this is our starting price. You will receive more money for re-sale quality diamonds and gold jewellery than our base pricing. We encourage customers to try our competition and come see us last, you won’t be disappointed!

cash for gold ontario canada

10k $17.45* 14k $24.54* 18k $31.46* 21k $36.70*

*Prices change by the minute, call for updated pricing or come in for a live quote. Prices quoted per gram based on current market price in Canadian dollars.

Here is some important information from a letter released by Measurement Canada entitled “Cash for Gold” (letter is available in store in its entirety)

Any scales that are being used to buy or sell commodities must comply with requirements outlined under the Weights and Measures Act. If you are buying or selling precious metals by weight, the scale used must be approved, inspected and certified. There are scales that are designed specifically for measuring precious metals and you must use this type of scale when buying or selling precious metals. For retail use, these scales must be approved with e = 10 mg or smaller.

To our knowledge we are one of very few companies in town with a Measurement Canada inspected scale that operates on three decimal places for accuracy. Remember too, having a Measurement Canada Inspected Scale is not enough, the scale and the weights calculated must be in easy view of the customer. On top of that, we show you all of our calculations on the screen right in front of you. That is the way to operate with transparency and honesty. Once you have all the information, you can make an informed decision on selling your valuables. After all, we want our customers to have the best chance at receiving top dollar for their gold, silver and diamonds.

Next time you’re getting a quote for your gold, ask to see their Measurement Canada inspection certificate for their scale. If they don’t have one, you may contact Measurement Canada and report that company for dealing in precious metals without a certified and inspected scale. The only way to know if their scale is accurate and legal is if it meets the criteria of Measurement Canada. Here is their website for more information. http://mc.ic.gc.ca/

Don’t forget, we will match or beat any other written offer you have received!!**

**Written offer must contain karat of gold and weights quoted on company letterhead.

Buy ‘n’ Sell is fully licensed by the City of Kitchener and Waterloo Region to purchase Gold, Silver and Diamonds from the public.